Wednesday: New Report Sheds Light on Season 2's Rumored Netflix Exit

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Credit: Netflix

It can't be denied that Netflix struck gold with the release of the Addams Family spinoff Wednesday but this week, rumors began swirling that the show's second season won't premiere on the streaming service and will instead be picked up by Amazon's Prime Video.

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Credit: Netflix

It was first reported by The Independent that the Jenna Ortega-led series could be moving to a different streaming service after a multi-billion merger between Amazon and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was finalized in March of 2022. Naturally, it sent Netflix users into a frenzy but it looks like there's really nothing to be worried about, at least according to a follow-up report surrounding the true nature of the situation.

As per an anonymous source who told IndieWire, there's zero truth to the ongoing rumors about Wednesday possibly leaving the streaming giant. In fact, the outlet reports that the deal between Netflix and MGM was already "locked" long before Amazon acquired the production company.

As it stands, the extent of the said deal remains unclear although other sources claim that Netflix will be Wednesday's official home for at least 10 years. Does this mean that the show will actually spawn multiple seasons? We still don't know for sure but given how immensely popular it is, the idea isn't exactly that farfetched.

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All parties involved have yet to address the matter but I guess fans can already put an end to their worries about Wednesday possibly leaving for a different streaming platform. From a business standpoint, it also makes sense for the show to remain on Netflix because obviously, it has a stronger following than Prime Video.

All episodes of Wednesday's first season are available to stream on Netflix.