Wednesday: Netflix Releases New Featurette Teasing The Addams Family Show's Serial Killer Plot

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Netflix has released a new featurette for Wednesday, The Addams Family spinoff focusing on Wednesday Addams (played by Janna Ortega). The official clip reveals the show's plot details, notably Wednesday joining Nevermore, a school for outcasts.

Credit: Netflix

The behind-the-scenes video also shows the star herself talk about her character's story: "We follow Wednesday as she navigates her way through this new school, new relationships, but then also she's dealing with a serious investigation involving serial killers, and murders, and monsters," Ortega said.

Watch the featurette for Netflix's Wednesday below:

Showrunners/executive producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar also show up in the featurette, emphasizing how the spinoff distinguishes itself not as the typical designation of "reboot" or "remake," but as "a new chapter" of The Addams Family narrative beyond the scope of either the 1960s television sitcom or the 1990s films. This is clearly a show about exploring her journey into adulthood.

Famed director Tim Burton also appears in the video, and describes the character as "the classic outsider", but further expresses the desire to diverge from the "cartoony" depictions from past The Addams Family titles. "She sees things very black and white, mainly black," Burton said.


Burton also praised Ortega for her performance. "She’s like a silent movie actress in the sense where she’s able to convey things without words," the filmmaker said. "To see the inner-life and the subtleties was very exciting. And that’s why we’re very lucky to have Jenna, because I can’t imagine any other Wednesday."

Wednesday also stars Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Issac Ordonez, and Gwendoline Christie in supporting roles. Christina Ricca (who played Wednesday in the 1990s films) has joined the show for a mystery role.

You can watch the teaser for Wednesday below:


Netflix's Wednesday is set to release this year, but there's currently no official release date for the series yet. You can read more details about the show in everything we know about Wednesday.