Wednesday: Netflix Finally Puts Prime Video Rumors to Rest with Season 2 Announcement

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Credit: Netflix

This week, the entire Wednesday fandom was rocked to its very core when rumors began swirling all over social media that the hit series will be leaving Netflix to switch streaming platforms. As noted by The Independent, the multi-billion merger between Amazon and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer meant that all properties under the production outfit, including the Jenna Ortega-led show, will become exclusive to Amazon's Prime Video service.

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Credit: Netflix

Understandably, it raised concern within the fandom and the conspicuous silence from all parties involved only intensified the speculation surrounding the show's future. Well, a few days since the rumor set the internet ablaze, Netflix is finally putting an end to all the hearsay by confirming that everyone's favorite pigtailed goth girl isn't going anywhere.

The streaming giant officially announced across its social media pages that not only is Wednesday renewed for a second season, but it will still be viewed exclusively on Netflix. In an official announcement video that Ortega narrates, the streamer teased more misery as Wednesday Addams continues her reign of terror. Check out the exciting announcement here:

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It's worth mentioning that several outlets have already debunked the rumors surrounding the show's possible Netflix exit, with one source claiming that the streaming giant and MGM's partnership will last for at least 10 years.

With Stranger Things set to end its run with Season 5, it's almost guaranteed that Wednesday will replace it as the streamer's new flagship program. How many more seasons will the show spawn though? That's the real question but for now, we're already very giddy about Season 2.

All episodes of Wednesday's first season are available to stream on Netflix.