Wednesday Star Spoils Major Gomez Addams Scene in Season 2

Wednesday Addams' dancing scene in the first season of the Netflix series Wednesday became a huge viral sensation online, especially in TikTok, ever since it premiered in November. Millions (or maybe even billions) of people worldwide tried to imitate the dance and share them across the web.

Heading to the second season, fans have been wondering whether the series will do another dancing sequence that could become a viral sensation again in response to the results of the first season. Fortunately, it looks like that will happen again but on a very different character.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Luis Guzman, who plays Gomez Addams in the series, was asked about the plans regarding his character during the season where he revealed that he will be doing scenes involving dancing and sword fighting.

"That's the plan. That's the plan. I'm going to dance; I'm going to have a sword fight. And there was one other thing. I don't know what it was, but yeah," he said.

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While we don't have a confirmation yet whether Wednesday will do another dance that could potentially go viral, it is interesting that Gomez himself will do a dance scene although it remains to be seen if it's going to be a significant moment that has the potential to be a viral TikTok sensation.

This also shows that Gomez will be given more spotlight in the second season compared to the first one where he only showed up for a couple of episodes including a major flashback sequence back when he was still studying in Nevermore Academy with his then-future wife Morticia.

It is exciting to see what else they have in store for the upcoming season in the midst of the huge success of the first one. With this tease from Guzman, it sounds like the other members of the Addams Family will indeed be given more screen time.

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Netflix has not set a release window yet for the second season of Wednesday. You can check more details about it here.

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