Wednesday Fans Demand Jenna Ortega To Speak Up Against Co-Star’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Wednesday’s Xavier Thorpe actor, Percy Hynes White, has been trending Twitter lately, but not for the good reason you think. The actor has sent Wednesday fans in a frenzy as Percy’s sexual assault allegations surface on the internet. Following the allegation, the actor had even deactivated his social media accounts in an attempt to block off fans. However, amid this, fans have begun demanding Jenna Ortega to speak up for her co-star.

Seeing as the situation has gone out of the fans’ hands, they have somehow concluded that directing the issue to the “more accessible” star would be the better thing to do, especially after recent speculations that Jenna has been getting close with Percy, close enough to be mistaken as a couple. It is important to note that nothing has been officially announced yet regarding their relationship.

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Fans spammed the Wednesday star’s instagram comments on Jenna simply having the night of her life at the Golden Globes. In their attempt to gain her attention to speak up about Percy’s allegations, half of the fandom had spoken up about refraining from directing the issue to the woman — a woman who is not even involved in the issue.

What complicates the situation even more is that Jenna has grown closer with the man to the brink of being speculated to be dating, which Wednesday fans point out to be the case in point on why they have been bombarding the actress. Jenna Ortega and Percy Hynes White are even bound to film a romcom together. However, this doesn't pinpoint why Jenna Ortega should be answering on behalf of her co-star's crimes.

While Jenna has yet to speak or respond to the situation, Wednesday fans continue to debate on Twitter — with half of the fandom against the idea of putting Jenna in the spotlight and the other half demanding answers from the “closest” show's star they could get.

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