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Stranger Things Season 5: Duffer Brothers to Explore Unused Season 2 Ideas in the Final Season

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Stranger Things debuted to great success on Netflix in 2016, resulting in a flood of ideas for the next season. However, as the creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, haven't used them all, they're about to utilize and explore those concepts in Stranger Things Season 5.

The show has introduced several elements yet to be explored in its four-season run. So now that the end is about to come in Stranger Things Season 5, the Duffer Brothers will revisit and add these Season 2 ideas to the finale.

A Flood of Season 2 Ideas

"The success of Season 1 freaked us out, and then we knew we needed to build up this bigger world, that this was going to be ongoing," Ross told Netflix's Tudum. "That meant prep for Season 2 included filling up a whiteboard with every idea the writers' room could imagine."

However, they found themselves swimming in a flood of ideas that was already way too much for them to handle.

"[Five times] more ideas than we needed or [ten times]," he added.

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Now, they know perfectly how to use them all.

"For Season 5, we're pulling from a lot of those big Season 2 ideas," Ross teased. "A lot of our big ending stuff has pulled from stuff that we thought was going to be in Season 2."

However, knowing Stranger Things Season 5 would be the series' ending, the creators need to control and limit the ideas they will use this time and carefully choose the ones that will give the show the proper finale it needs.

The Change of Plans to End Stranger Things Season 5

Meanwhile, probably with the swirling ideas that the creators have for the last and final season, Matt revealed that they changed their initial plans for the series' conclusion after the fourth season's release.

"We reread the document," Matt also told Tudum. "We're like, 'That's cool, that's cool. That could be a lot better. That could be a lot better.'"

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He even teased that the ending is now a little different.

"A lot of the big ideas are the same, but the stuff that happens within, it's very different," he explained.

Earlier this year, the Duffer Brothers revealed Netflix executives had well accepted their pitched Stranger Things Season 5 finale.

"It was hard. It's the end of the story," Ross told The Wrap. "I saw executives crying who I've never seen cry before, and it was wild."

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However, he admitted they wrote the finale during the COVID-19 shut down and hadn't looked at it again due to being too overwhelming.

"We'll get into it," Ross promised.

Stranger Things Season 5 is expected to be out in 2024.

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