We Are The Zombies Creator Reveals How Webtoon Series Differs From All of Us Are Dead, Train to Busan, & More Zombie Stories

Credit: WEBTOON/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: WEBTOON/YouTube Screenshot

We Are The Zombies webtoon by Lee Myeong Jae might be the next series to receive an adaptation because of its story.

South Korean film and TV industry famously released Zombie K-drama series and films in the past decades. The rise in popularity of the genre inspired even overseas filmmakers to create their own apocalypse flick.

Among the zombie-centered movies and series, the country has released so far, including Train to Busan, Peninsula, #Alive, The Wailing, Seoul Station, Rampant, All of Us Are Dead, and Kingdom.

Now, a webtoon artist will continue the saga and resume the story of We Are The Zombies.

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Lee Myeong Jae’s We Are The Zombies Webtoon To Finally Return

On Sunday, The Korea Herald got the chance to interview Lee Myeong Jae at the Korea Manhwa Museum in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province. The webtoon artist himself revealed how his work is different from the hit zombie movies and series.

“I never intended to take a different approach just to be recognized as someone special. I wanted to make a humorous, heartwarming webtoon series from the start,” the creator said.

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Lee Myeong Jae revealed he was influenced by the American zombie comedy film, Zombieland. After seeing the 2009 film, he realized that a zombie project could also be funny.

For what it’s worth, the zombie flicks in South Korea sent lessons to the viewers and shared how people can survive a catastrophe.

In his webtoon, he allows the characters to choose whether they want to be free or live inside a mall where zombie resides.

All About We Are The Zombies

Lee Myeong Jae’s ongoing webtoon explores the life of a young man named Kim In Jong, who finds himself in the middle of zombies while he is busy playing a VR game inside a mall.

The characters also include a student, a criminal, a murderer, an army deserter, and more. All of them reveal hilarious reasons why they want to stay with the zombies instead.

We Are The Zombies already won the Naver Webtoon’s The Greatest Webtoon Contest, helping its popularity skyrocket. Even the webtoon artist won the young cartoonist award at Bucheon International Comics Festival.

We Are the Zombies released its most recent episode in July and is set to return this month.

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