WB Signs Deal to Have AI-System that Helps Decide Which Movies to Greenlight

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Movie making isn't exactly a science, and studios have to keep making risks when it comes to which movies they decide to produce and distribute to general audiences. What's interesting is, Warner Bros is now going to take a bold step and introduce an AI system to the decision-making process when it comes to producing films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, WB head Toby Emmerich has signed a deal with Cinelytic for an "AI-driven project management system" that actually came out last year. The system basically uses predictive analytics and comprehensive data to help guide the greenlighting process for studios; it will determine which actors do best in which territories, and predict how much money a certain film can make in theaters.

Already people online are skeptical about removing another human element in the filmmaking process. After all, it was this "designed by committee" mentality that kind of ruined films with huge potential like Justice League or Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. What kind of quality films can we expect when the AI-system bases success on specific actors and their audience appeal in certain countries?

If anything, the system is said to "reduce the amount of time executives spend on low-value, repetitive tasks". The platform is said to be particularly useful when it comes to film festivals, as studios get caught in bidding wars for projects they have very little time to assess the value of.

We don't know how this AI-driven project management system is going to work down the line, but hopefully, the studio doesn't forget to make quality films rather than churn out movies that an AI says will make the most money.

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