WB Said to be Prioritizing a Batgirl Movie

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WB is slowly moving forward with Matt Reeves' Batman movie, but it looks like they're ready to start expanding the Bat-Family onscreen.

According to Heroic Hollywood, a source has told them that WB is currently prioritizing a Batgirl movie and is in search of a director. No other details have been announced about the film, but we do know that Bumblebee and The Flash writer Christina Hodson will be working on the script.


When Birds of Prey was first announced, a lot of fans immediately thought that it would be the film that introduces us to the DCEU's Batgirl. I guess it would make sense at this point. I mean, Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther were both introduced in Captain America: Civil War before starring in their own movies. Heck, even DC heroes like Aquaman and Wonder Woman were introduced in team-ups before their own solo films.

For now, we can't make an educated guess for when WB plans to release Batgirl. A Supergirl project is said to be aiming for an early 2020 start, making a late 2021 release likely, but we don't know where Batgirl lies amidst several projects like The Batman, The Suicide Squad, and The Flash.

Hopefully, we can get a hint before the year ends, but I'm not holding my breath just yet. There's still a lot of DC material to get through anyway.

The next DC film is Joker, and it's slated for a release on Oct. 4.

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