Justice League: Snyder Cut Could Cost $40 Million to Complete

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Though the film came out back in 2017, fans are still more adamant than ever that they want WB to see Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League. Kevin Smith has recently confirmed that an unfinished cut of the film exists, but a new report from The Telegraph gives us an insider opinion on what it would take to finish the film.

Talking to The Telegraph, a VFX professional who worked with the effects house who handled the movie had said:

"The movie was still months away from delivery when Joss came on board. It seems very unlikely to me that there was anything close to a releasable cut of the film. Put it another way: if there was a near finished movie that everyone was happy with, then WB would have got the editor to complete it rather than drop another $30-40 million into it."


Though some may say that Snyder's DC films have been divisive, the movies were said to have done well in home video and the cult followings are pretty obvious; a lot of people much preferred the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman as compared to the theatrical version.

With Justice League said to have been vastly changed after Snyder left the project, a lot of the fans of the old movies are now feeling as if they were cheated off this seminal version of Justice League that could have flipped the genre completely. With the DCEU now dropping their original plans of a shared universe, everyone is still holding out the hope that they could see what Snyder was originally planning when he was at the helm of DC movies.

There's still no official update on the Snyder Cut, but you can catch Joker when it hits theaters Oct. 4.

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