18 Nov 2019 4:25 PM +00:00 UTC

Watchmen Showrunner Confirms Veidt's Location


Damon Lindelof has done a fantastic job with HBO's Watchmen, and the latest episode could be the best one yet. We've known for a while that Adrian Veidt has been trapped in some kind of surreal prison, but Lindelof himself has confirmed his location.

Talking to Collider, Lindelof has said that Veidt is trapped on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. He said, "I think that if Adrian Veidt is trying to escape from prison, that's not a good challenge for him. He's going to do that very easily — there's no prison that's going to hold Adrian Veidt unless that prison is on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. Then it might be a little more challenging. I kind of felt like, if we're going to lock this guy up somewhere—and by Episode 5 we still don't know who locked him up and why—it's gonna have to be quite an overwhelming challenge for him to escape, so that felt like this was a good place to put him and throw away the key."


Though Lindelof has given us a solid answer on where Veidt is, we still don't know who trapped him there. A lot of people guess it was Dr. Manhattan who was behind everything, but my money is on Lady Trieu being the mastermind. We know that she can be quite devious based on what we've seen of her so far, so I wouldn't put it past her to try and "punish" Veidt for the events of 11/2.

Watchmen has turned out to be a really great show, and every episode has been a solid entry. Though it gets a lot of hate from the alt-right, I think it's a faithful follow-up to Alan Moore's original Watchmen comic; and it manages to be relevant to today's social climate as well.

For now, all we can really do is keep guessing until the next episode. Catch Watchmen Sunday nights on HBO.

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