Watchmen: HBO Reveals What Happened After Rorschach’s Journal was Leaked

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HBO's Watchmen takes place in an alternate reality 2019 where the events of Alan Moore's original comic actually happened. There's a huge chunk of the timeline that needs to be filled in from the 80s to the present time, and HBO has released what they call "Peteypedia."

The site pretty much functions like the supplementary material that was in the graphic novel after every chapter. We have files for The Computer and You, Trust in the Law, Veidt Declared Dead, and probably the most informative one—Rorschach's Journal.

The file is supposedly written by Agent Dale Petey who goes in-depth about the leak of Rorschach's journal and its effects on the world. While the info did leak, it had been dubbed as fake news, and a lot of people, including Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias, publicly dismissed it.

Not only that, we find out that Laurie Blake, the second Silk Spectre, was arrested along with Nite Owl Dan Dreiberg in the 90s, and she adopted a new alter-ego "The Comedienne." We don't know what she did to become an agent, but it's likely she's still in contact with Dreiberg, whom the file says is incarcerated.

This is all very interesting world-building, and it's likely we'll get another Peteypedia drop when the second episode comes out. I'd like to know what happened to the rest of the original Watchmen, but I'm just as invested in this alternate reality that Damon Lindelof has come up with.

Catch Watchmen Sunday nights on HBO.

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