Watchmen Creator Alan Moore Isn't Excited About the HBO Show

Watchmen, the best graphic novel ever according to people who've only ever read one graphic novel in their life, is getting a big HBO live-action series soon. This isn't going to be a straight-up adaptation of the graphic novel but will be a series set after the original events, which is a really interesting take. Unsurprisingly, Alan Moore, the writer of the graphic novel, isn't too pleased with the news.

This isn't a surprise to anyone even vaguely familiar with Moore since he tends to hate all of the film/series adaptations of his stories. So when HBO Programming President Casey Bloys told the Television Critics Association said that Moore wasn't pleased with the adaptation, nobody batted an eye. In fact, we would have been more surprised if he actually liked it.

Some would say that Moore is a bit too stubborn for his own good but you could also argue that the artist has been screwed over by his employer so many times. DC promised to revert the rights of Watchmen back to Moore and artist Dave Gibbons once the series "sold out" but they are never going to make that happen, thanks to all the various new Watchmen collections out now.

HBO will be showing Watchmen this October.

Via The Wrap

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