19 Nov 2020 12:37 PM +00:00 UTC

The Professor Says Covid Can't Kill Paper Magic: The Gathering but He Will Never Attend A Magicfest Ever


The COVID-19 pandemic made 2020 a difficult year for the Magic: The Gathering community: local game stores are forced to close down or canel sanctioned MTG events; major Magic events like MagicFests and other tournament circuits have been cancelled, and it's unclear when paper Magic will return to the way it was again. 

In the latest episode of Tolarian Community College's Untitled Podcast, Brian Lewis (a.k.a. The Professor) and DeQuan Watson (PowerDragn) talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed paper Magic forever, and how they think local game stores will change the way they run sanctioned events once they are allowed to. 

PowrDragon also credit Wizards of the Coast for doing an excellent job in supporting the associated retailers or stores in the Wizards Play Network (WPN). He also talks about how the lack of accessibility to game stores could affect player base for paper Magic

Watch the video below: 


The Professor went on to say that he doesn't feel safe attending a major Magic event again. "I do not I will ever set foot on a GP or MagicFest again. As of today, I feel that way. Maybe this new vaccine will convince me otherwise" He also went on to say that GP Vegas was a "plague factor", and says the idea of a large number of people who doesn't have the best hygiene is too dangerous post-pandemic. 

"If Covid isn't going to kill paper Magic, then nothing will," The Professor said at the end of the video. "So is paper Magic dying or dead? Covid can't kill it, so it's here to stay." 

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