Watch: The Mandalorian Trailer Syncs Up Perfectly With the Preview for Cats

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The trailer for The Mandalorian dropped last week, and everyone is excited to see what Iron Man director Jon Favreau has to bring to Disney+. What’s interesting is, the trailer for Mandalorian oddly syncs up to the preview for the upcoming Cats movie.

This comes from @_elvishpresley_ on Twitter:

I put the audio from the Cats trailer over the Star Wars Mandalorian trailer and I'm freaked out about how well it fits
— Elvish Presley (@_elvishpresley_)
August 24, 2019

While the beat changes feel pretty standard, I think the mash-up really comes together with Rebel Wilson’s part syncing up with the Mandalorian beating people up and slicing a guy in half with a door. There isn’t really a proper transition to the end, but the whole thing is already fun as a whole.


For now, audience reactions for both Mandalorian and Cats are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. For one, a lot of audiences are excited to see The Mandalorian, and it’s probably one of the major reasons they’re subscribing to Disney+. On the other hand, there’s been a lot of negative reactions to the first trailer of Cats. I mean, I guess the music is amazing, but a lot of people aren’t buying the human/cat CGI look they came up with for the film. Personally, I think it looks fine, but there’re already a lot of people flaming about it online.

The Mandalorian is set to come out the same day Disney+ launches on Nov. 12. Cats is set to come out on the same day as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on Dec. 20.

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