11 Mar 2017 11:06 AM +00:00 UTC

Watch: The Hidden Meaning Of Marvel's Doctor Strange

Image Source: Wisecrack/Youtube

Wisecrack on Youtube has this fun section called Earthling Cinema where they dissect modern movies through the eyes of an alien from the future. It’s a really fun and smart show, and they’ve explored the hidden meaning of several movies and series like Daredevil and Guardians of the Galaxy. Their latest episode: The Hidden Meaning of Doctor Strange.

It’s interesting to see that hands are a very heavy motif in the film, and aside from Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) losing the use of his hands, there’s a constant mention of the “hands” of time in the movie. Eyes are also a constant symbolism as Strange wields the Eye of Agamotto, and Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) and his servants have darkened eyes as a symbol for them abusing their powers.

It’s a fun video, and it’s sure to make watching Doctor Strange a whole lot more fun. And if you liked the vid, you can also check out other analyses of movies like Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, and Harry Potter. Fun!

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