WATCH: Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 5 Details the Origins and Struggles of Oleana


After the Nessa episode that pretty much everyone loved, Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode 5 has been released after a long wait from Episode 4 due to COVID-19. This episode continues to give more depth to the characters of Sword and Shield as this installment focuses on Oleana, the assistant of Chairman Rose, who ended up being the villain of those games. We don’t get a huge tease of Rose’s intentions but seeing Oleana in the zone more than makes up for it.

We see that Oleana actually started out as a scientist before becoming Rose’s assistant. She seemed to be responsible for a lot of the Dynamax and Gigantamax experiences that Galar is known for. The rest of this episode also has Oleana taking charge of a rough workday she has to go through when Rose takes a day off.

It’s everything fans want from an episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings is in episode 5, from the great animation to cute Pokemon moments all appear in this installment. Oleana also gets a fun bit in the end as she differentiates Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing to the Corviknight taxi driver that has appeared in every episode thus far.

Do you know what else is awesome? Aleister will be the focus of Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode 6 so it’s good to know that this good boy is taking the spotlight.

Fans can check out Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode 5 is available now.

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