WATCH: The Pokemon Company Releases Awesome Looney Tunes-Style Animated Short

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With HBO Max’s Looney Tunes series doing really well, it must have been perfect timing for The Pokemon Company to release a Chuck Jones-style animated short, which appears to be the start of a new series of shorts called Poketoons. Coming out of nowhere like a well-placed RKO, this Poketoon is exactly what fans of classic cartoons have been asking for, featuring an odd duo of Pokemon in Scraggy (Zuruggu in Japanese) and Mimikyu.

Don’t let the Japanese text scare you since this is a short that relies purely on showing rather than telling. There is no voice acting and all the comedy comes from the gags that Scraggy and Mimikyu get themselves in. A lot of the gags here are very classic, from things we’ve seen in the Looney Tunes prior to even some jokes that only Pokemon fans will get, such as the true nature of Mimikyu.

I really hope they make more of these since there’s a lot of potential that can be done here with over 800-plus Pokemon that have been made. Personally, I would love to see a Bulbasaur and Squirtle short that pays tribute to some of their interactions in the original anime. You can also do a lot with Pokemon like Hitmonchan, Pikachu, Totodile, and so much more.


You can check out the first Poketoon, called Chase the Beans, is available for viewing now. Here’s hoping we get more of them.

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