Watch Mark Hamill and Lucasfilm Share Thanks to Medical Frontliners in the Star Wars Fandom

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Last week everyone was celebrating Star Wars because of May the Fourth and Revenge of the Fifth, and now Lucasfilm has decided to give the gratitude back, and this time to frontliners of the pandemic who also happen to be fierce Star Wars fans.

Check it out:


The challenging times we're currently facing have truly brought out the best in many from the Star Wars community, especially those first responders, front-liners, and volunteers who are working to keep us all safe. Mark Hamill and Lucasfilm would like to thank all the heroes who put their health and well-being on the line for us every day – the Force is truly with you, and we salute you.

Admittedly, I think most of the people on this list are members of the official Star Wars groups like the 501st and Rebel Legion, but I can imagine there are also other fans out there who love Star Wars and are giving the fight against COVID-19 their all.

For now, we don't really see an end yet when it comes to the pandemic, and while a lot of people were hoping everything would be back to normal by June, it looks like that won't be the case. Even if lockdowns were lifted, it's going to be a while before we get to enjoy more populated things like concerts or movie theaters; lest we get a second wave of the virus.

If anything, Star Wars has been keeping everyone occupied in quarantine, and now fans are waiting for the second season of The Mandalorian which is expected to debut on Disney+ this October.


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