31 Dec 2018 1:54 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Magic: The Gathering Deckbuilder Explains Why You're Playing Too Many Shocklands in Modern


Magic: The Gathering players know that land cards are the way you generate mana, the resource that lets you play non-land cards. In MTGGoldfish's video, YouTuber SaffronOlive explains why many Magic players are making a common mistake of playing too many Shocklands in Modern, a non-rotating Magic format that allows you to use cards stretching back to 2003's Eighth Edition set. 


Shocklands are lands that can produce one of the two different colors and comes into play tapped if you don't "shock" yourself by taking two damage. Watch the video above. 

In this episode, SaffronOlive talks about the benefits and drawbacks of Shocklands, as well as the logic of what your lands should be doing in your deck. He talks about the difference between Standard (a format that lets you play only the most recent cards) approach and Modern one while emphasizing how the Shocklands' drawback can add up to bring your life total closer to 0. 

This is solid advice from one of the famous Magic: The Gathering brewers in the community. Whether you're a brand new player or an expert of Magic, this video is a good reminder to think about what we want our decks to be doing and how we should balance our lands to accomplish it. 

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