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Watch Luke Evans and Hugh Jackman's 'Beauty and the Beast' Gaston Sing-Off

Luke Evans and Hugh Jackman are attempting to find out who’s the better Gaston with a sing-off.

Hugh Jackman played the narcissistic villain in the 1991 Disney animated musical, Beauty and the Beast. Meanwhile,Luke Evans’ portrayal of the character is yet to be seen since he’ll be playing the role in the upcoming live-action film alongside Emma Watson as Belle.

The two went to the test while on The Jonathan Ross Show. Knowing Evans and Jackman’s link to Beauty and the Beast, talk show host Jonathan Ross decided to have the two participate in a sing-off, complete with beer glasses and Taron Egerton as part of the “townsmen.”

The video highlights the two actors’ singing prowess, but one can only be the victor in this sing-off.

Check out their performance for yourself and decide for yourself who’s the better Gaston:



Both Evans and Jackman are winners here. They both pretty much have the voice for the role. But personally, I like Jackman’s facial expressions better. The Australian actor is just a pro in singing and acting.


In any case, I’d still go see the live-action Beauty and the Beast to see whether Evans’ version is any good.

The live-action Beauty and the Beast is slated for release on March 17, 2017.

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