11 Mar 2020 2:19 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Kevin James Makes Fun of Joker with Silly TikTok Vid


TikTok is now the new ‘Vine’ format where people can upload short and sweet homemade clips, and now comedian Kevin James has shared this video of him poking fun at 2019’s R-rated hit Joker.

Check it out:

I don’t really get the main joke here, but it just looks like James is trying to record the Joker’s dance with a boom mic, while at the same time taking a dump. I’ll admit, the joke isn’t solid, but that editing is topnotch, and the reveal of James’ location is still pretty fun.


For now, it seems like James’ career is taking a break from films. After working on the series Kevin Can Wait which ended in 2018, he’s only worked on the film Hotel Transylvania 3. There aren’t any projects of his listed for 2019, but he does look to have some things coming up for him in 2020.

I’ll admit, James’ humor isn’t really for everyone, but he does have an audience that still enjoys his films. If anything, his comedy is kind of close to Jack Black’s, where he’s an overweight actor who is kind of active onscreen and does a lot of physical comedy. What I really want out of James is to see him star in a serious film where he gets to disappear entirely. If Adam Sandler can make something like Uncut Gems, then maybe James can too.

For now, James is set to star in the action/thriller Becky which comes out April 20.

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