Watch: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Play Magic: The Gathering

We've already seen the teaser, and now, Geeks & Sundry has released the Wizards of the Coast-sponsored Magic: The Gathering video featuring actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and it's called A Magic Moment With Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Watch him play old-school Magic with Geeks & Sundry host Erika Ishii.

 The Looper star is playing his Mono-Blue "Tim deck" that uses Prodigal Sorcerers and a bunch of Artifacts to take over the game. His opponent, Erika, is using a Mono-Red deck with Atogs. Gordon-Levitt is even using the expensive Power 9 cards like Mox Sapphire and Mox Emerald in his deck, and they each cost about $3,000 to $4,000 each.

It's cool seeing celebrities like Joseph Gordon-Levitt play the best game in the world. Now, we want to see him play at Grand Prix events. 

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