07 Oct 2019 2:42 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Joker Director's Breakdown of the Opening Scene Makes it More Interesting



Joker had just come out last week, and despite all the controversy surrounding the film, a lot of people agree that it is one hell of a movie with everything from fantastic acting to a very intimate and disturbing story. Thanks to Vanity Fair, we have a video of director Todd Phillips breaking down the opening scene of the film, and you’re probably going to look at the movie a different way once you watch it.

For one, a lot of the movie is done on location, even the bits that you don’t expect. When you look at the windows in the dressing room when Arthur is putting on make-up, it’s a real city you’re seeing outside. It also sounds like the tear that Arthur sheds wasn’t in the script, but it was just something that came out of Phoenix while the movie’s score was being played on set.


Phillips’ explanation on the look of Gotham City is also interesting. He wanted every scene to be covered in buildings and concrete so that it would feel like the city was pushing down on small Arthur. The movie also hints at Arthur being “alive” when he does his clown work, and it’s that same “music” that he channels when he ultimately transforms into the Joker. Phoenix put so much work in the character, that Arthur even runs a specific way, and it was so distinct that not even Phoenix’s stuntman could get it right.

Despite all the controversy, there’s no doubt that the film is very well made. Hopefully, with time people will focus more on what matters instead of all the noise that’s surrounding the film.

Catch Joker now in cinemas.

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