Watch Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant Judge DIY Doctor Who Cosplay


While productions have been on lockdown for months, talk shows have managed to have their segments from home, video chatting with guests. What’s interesting is, The Late Late Show with James Corden has put up this Doctor Who cosplay contest, and they’ve even brought in Doctors Ten and Thirteen to be the judges.

Check them out:



James Corden invites 'Doctor Who' superfans from the internet to participate in a cosplay competition, recreating characters from their home, and he surprises the participants with judges Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant, who show up in their own costumes.

What’s great is that both Whittaker and Tennant went out of their way to don their original Doctor Who outfits; Tennant himself even being surprised that he could still fit his old suit. I really like how kooky Whittaker plays it off because she’s been sending out video messages as the Doctor trying to help kids deal with lockdown and quarantine.

When you look at the comments though, some people were kind of disappointed that Corden himself didn’t dress up, seeing as he had played the part of Craig Owens in two episodes of Doctor Who. You have to hand it to Corden, besides being a great talk show host, he’s proven himself a jack-of-all-trades kind of actor who is also an effective singer.

With production currently on hiatus for Doctor Who, everyone is waiting for a time when the show can come back. With some productions already resuming in the UK, it’s possible the next episode will be available before the year ends.

Catch Doctor Who on the BBC.

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