Doctor Who: Doctor 13 Gives More Advice to Kids About Self-Isolating

With COVID-19 putting most celebrities out of the job, Jodie Whittaker has been doing her part trying to keep up spirits as the 13th Doctor. What's great is, she has a new video for kids teaching them about what to do as they self-isolate.

Check it out:

Here's the breakdown of the Doctor's advice on self-isolating:

  • Stay in touch with your friends
  • Be thoughtful, think of others
  • Stay active
  • Think creatively to keep entertained
  • Stay strong, stay positive

I have to say, though some people like to bash on Doctor Thirteen for perpetuating an ‘agenda', I think Whittaker is doing a pretty swell job being the new Doctor. She's delightful and funny, and I'm sure a lot of kids will love that they grew up with her.

For now, production have been cancelled, and we're still expecting one more episode of Doctor Who to come out later this year. We don't have a release date yet, but it's possible that it's been delayed thanks to COVID-19.

If anything, you can check out this new short story featuring Doctor 13. It's actually written by long-time Who showrunner Steven Moffat, who had given up the helm to Chris Chibnall back in 2017. Besides some new characterization of Thirteen, we also have some neat Easter Eggs from Moffat's run on Who. You can read it here.

Though we don't know when the next episode comes out, catch Doctor Who on the BBC.

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