13 Apr 2017 1:38 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Chris Pratt Plays Obi-Wan Kenobi In Old Trailer For Star Wars Kinect

Chris Pratt may be one of Hollywood’s hottest stars right now, but before he was Peter Quill or Andy Dwyer, he was an actor out to take any odd job he can find. Browsing through his IMDb page, I noticed that he played the role of Obi-Wan in Star Wars Kinect, so I had to check out what that was like on Youtube. The internet did not disappoint.

Here you can see that Pratt is still in full dad bod mode — before he shed any of that weight for Guardians of the Galaxy. Some fans may miss the lovable and chubby #FatPratt, but Pratt himself has confirmed that though he may be a beefcake now, Fat Pratt is “not gone forever.”


It’s fun to uncover actors’ previous work before they get famous. I only knew Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad, and I had to do some digging before I realized that he was Hal from Malcolm in the Middle and Ted Mosby’s idiot boss in How I Met Your Mother.

Watch out for more Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which hits theaters May 5.

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