Watch: Amazing Bellagio Fountain Show Commemorates Last Season of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has grown to be one of the biggest shows on HBO, and this month will see the series finally ending after almost a decade. GoT 8 is set to premiere in two weeks, and the Bellagio fountains have come up with this great show to help promote the release of the final season.

Check out the fountains getting synced to the main theme of Game of Thrones:

No doubt we might be getting some more tributes and promo material as the premiere draws nearer, but this is certainly one of the more spectacular pieces of promotion for the show.

One of the biggest things being teased about this last season is a huge battle with the White Walkers that is said to be an attempt to top the Battle of the Bastards from the Season Six. With BoB feeling like such an achievement for the show, I can't wait to see what the showrunners have in store for the finale.

Personally, I'm hoping this huge battle comes in the middle of the season rather than it being the full climax of the show. Though I do love watching them, I think the real meat of Game of Thrones is really the character intrigue and drama that happens between all of the battles. Give me scenes like Jon Snow and Daenerys meeting for the first time rather than the dragon heist from the last season. That's the good stuff, for me at least.

Catch Game of Thrones 8 when it premieres on HBO on April 14.

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