13 Feb 2017 9:18 AM +00:00 UTC

Watch All of Captain America's Spectacular Fight Scenes in One Supercut

Throughout all five Marvel films, we've seen Captain America (Chris Evans) fight villains (and fellow superheroes in Civil War), and it's cool seeing him kick their asses with his shield in spectacular ways. Now Youtuber John Nemesis compiled all of his fight scenes so far in one video to remind us of the First Avenger's awesome moves. Who could forget the time when beat up a bunch of guys inside a glass elevator? Or that time when he used his shield to reflect Tony Stark's energy blast to take down enemies? From his early days in the first Captain America film to Civil War, there's a lot of entertaining moments worth re-watching here. 

Expect to see Chris Evans reprise his role in Avengers: Infinity War, when it comes out in theaters on May 2018. 

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