Robert Downey Jr.: More Avengers: Infinity War Details in His Facebook Live Video

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Robert Downey Jr. answered questions about the upcoming Avengers: Infinity Wars blockbuster movie on his 5-minute Facebook Live video that to date has racked up more than four million views. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo and co-star Chris Pratt made short 'guest appearances.' Spider-Man's Tom Holland also got into the fun as Downey's "cameraman."

The first teaser trailer of the Avengers' showdown with galactic vilain Thanos has whetted fans' appetite for more. And in his Facebook Live, Downey obliged with Holland fielding the questions.


Some of them had to do with his favorite all-time Iron Man uniform (he preferred the Marak suit in Iron Man 3), and who he'd take with him on a vacation (the Vision, because he can be pretty handy).

Admitting he can't reveal spoilers, the celluloid Iron Man did describe the epic scale of the movie as "the second greatest story ever told." (Based on an IMDB movie search, the 'first' was probably this 1965 classic.) He said this third installment of the Avengers had a lot more to offer in terms of characters, story lines, and surprises.

The ultra-confident Tony Stark also finds himself in unfamiliar ground, with another superpowered team, the Guardians of the Galaxy, coming into the scene. And the billionaire playboy and his frenemy Captain America are still not talking.

Downey says of Chris Evans' boy-scout character: "He's still on my s-list."

Clowning aside, the actor's respect for his own character shone through. He confesses that he doesn't think he's as "cool as Tony." But whenever he hits a rough spot, he just tells himself to "keep it Tony and everything will be ok."

If you want to watch Downey's Facebook Live chat, watch the clip below.

Avengers: Infinity War will open in theaters on May 4, 2018.