Watch: A Closer Look at Team Fireball from Star Wars Resistance

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Star Wars Resistance is set to come out this October, and Lucasfilm is building on the hype train for the show. Just now, they've released a new featurette giving us a look at Kaz and his crew of racers—Team Fireball.


We finally have names for the rest of the characters. Besides Kaz, we know that the grizzled old mechanic in the trailers is named Yeager. Yeager is an old pilot from the Rebellion who is making a living as a mechanic in the Colossus. Yeager also has an assistant named Tam who also serves as mechanic.

Another character we meet is Neeku, who is supposedly a genius of the group, but he looks to be socially inept. He's half Nikto species, who are primarily brown when we see them in the Star Wars films.

There's still a bunch of characters that haven't been introduced to us though. There's an astro droid wearing a helmet that seems like an interesting character. Plus, there's a girl in a blue and orange flightsuit that seems to be important (she's in all the promo images) but doesn't get the spotlight here.

Though initially frowned upon by a lot of the fanbase, more people are slowly warming up to the idea of Star Wars Resistance. If not, who cares? This show was meant for the kids anyway.


Star Wars Resistance comes to Disney Channel on Oct. 7.

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