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Warrior Nun Fans Demand Netflix To “Correct Your Mistake” Amid Season 3 Cancellation

There is no doubt that Netflix had gained their controversial reputation for canceling their shows, no matter how much viewership the series contributes on their streaming platform.

Last year, Netflix canceled booming shows such as One Day At A Time, First Kill, and Warrior Nun, which left show fans confused, seeing as the viewership numbers didn’t seem to be the reason behind dropping the shows. Netflix attempted to address this by saying they have no allotted budget for continuing the series. However, fans were even more outraged upon the Warrior Nun showrunner Simon Barry taking to Twitter their grievances, which clearly indicated that Barry was not aware Netflix was, in fact, not renewing the show anymore.

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In order to save the show, fans suggested Warrior Nun to be adopted under a different streaming platform, they rallied and eventually even got the showrunner to join the hashtag trend of #SaveWarriorNun. While the news trended for some time, Netflix did not acknowledge the renewal demands.

However, Warrior Nun fans just came back with a stronger hashtag: "#Netflix Correct Your Mistake”. Unfortunately for the streaming site, fans have dug up an old tweet that said: “We don’t like leaving a story unfinished. We learned a lot from Sense and we’re going to try not to do this in the future.” On top of their anger, they demand that Netflix address their past promise to its subscribers by even setting Sense8 (another previously canceled show) as an example of their ‘mistake’.

Now, whether Netflix chooses to respond or not, the Warrior Nun fan movement continues to gain more attention and definitely earn more traffic on Twitter as they come up with more hashtags for the supernatural series to return with their favorite cast. In light of this, did you know Netflix also canceled Inside Job despite confirming a Season 2 renewal?

Neil Gaiman may have addressed that Netflix cannot cancel The Sandman Season 2, given that they have commissioned the series renewal, however, this doesn’t seem to reassure fans until Season 2 is actually released on the streaming platform.

Meanwhile, you can still catch Warrior Nun Season 1 and Season 2, Inside Job Season 1 and The Sandman Season 1 still available to stream on Netflix.

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