Warner Bros. Reportedly Having Trouble Searching for the New DC Films President

Last month, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav unveiled his promising plan for the DC franchise including initiating a ten-year plan to reshape its future and hiring the head of a studio dedicated to all DC films and TV projects similar to Kevin Feige's duty as the head of Marvel Studios. At that time, it felt like the DC franchise may have a brighter future now that Warner Bros. is under new leadership.

However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros.'s search for their "Kevin Feige" has been a difficult process so far. A few weeks ago, they were in talks with producer Dan Lin to possibly hire him for the job, but negotiations fell through. Now, Zaslav is reportedly continuing to meet with prospective candidates and has still not found their new honcho for DC Films.

Their search for the new head of DC Films also comes as Walter Hamada is expected to leave his post soon after the release of Black Adam next month although his exit is still being negotiated.

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The report also indicated that the search has been difficult since not a lot of people are interested to take the job and there are not a lot of strong candidates that are being considered. If Zaslav failed to find the person for the job, Warner Bros. Pictures chairpersons Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy may end up running DC films by default.

This is certainly an interesting development for Warner Bros.'s extensive search of finding the new head of DC Films and there is no doubt that there's a lot of pressure on the job given the comparison to their main competitor, Marvel, and the heavy tasks that they have to do in order to put the franchise back on track.

It would be curious to see whether Zaslav will be able to find the person that he wants for the job soon to hopefully initiate their so-called ten-year plan for the DC franchise. As the report also indicated, industry observers are already speculating that Warner Bros. Discovery may just end up being merged with NBCUniversal in a few years if things won't go well.

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For now, you can catch the next DCEU film Black Adam which is slated to release in theaters on October 21. You can check more details about it here.

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