Warner Bros. Reportedly Hasn’t Greenlit The Batman 2

The Batman
Credit: WB

The Batman
Credit: WB

The past week has been nothing short of monumental for Warner Bros. Discovery as the newly-formed conglomerate is said to be establishing a 10-year plan for the DC film franchise which has seemingly already taken effect with the cancelation of the direct-to-HBO-Max film Batgirl.

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Credit: WB

In the midst of the Leslie Grace-led project's shocking cancelation, the DC fandom has expressed its collective concerns over other upcoming films and shows that could ultimately be on the receiving end of WB Discovery's massive purge.

Now, a new report from Variety claims that WB has yet to give the green light to allow Matt Reeves to work on The Batman 2. Of course, this comes as a huge shocker especially considering the 2022 film did pretty well at the box office and was even lauded by critics, something that has seemingly become somewhat of a rare occurrence for a DC project.

The good news is, despite not receiving the go signal from the higher-ups, The Batman 2 is still in development and on track for a theatrical release. However, the outlet notes that the Robert Pattinson sequel is "years away" from seeing the light of day.

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As it stands, WB Discovery has yet to lay out its long-term plan for the DC film franchise but changes can already be felt this early. Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come for the franchise because frankly, it's been long overdue.

The Batman is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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