Leslie Grace Reportedly Declines New Batgirl Project Following WB Discovery Cancelation

Credit: DC

Credit: DC

Leslie Grace is gaining a ton of sympathy following the shocking cancelation of her Batgirl project. The internet-breaking axing of the DC Extended Universe film was confirmed last week by Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav and it appears to be his first step in restructuring the franchise to make way for his "10-year plan" that will take the DCEU to a new creative direction.

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Credit: WB

On social media, Leslie has played it cool and expressed her gratitude to the folks who have been supportive of her short-lived Batgirl journey, seemingly indicating that there's no bad blood between her and any of WB's higher-ups over the unfortunate canning of the film.

Well, according to a new scoop shared by Giant Freakin Robot, the actress is incredibly upset over her solo project being booted out, so much so that when WB Discovery presented her an opportunity to star in more projects as Barbara Gordon, she reportedly declined.

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Understandably, Grace has every right in the world to feel upset about the said cancelation because it would have served as her major Hollywood break. I gotta say though, if this rumor surrounding WB Discovery's new offer to the actress was actually true, I think she made the wrong call by rejecting it instantaneously.

As it stands, we still don't know WB Discovery's actual plan but between Batgirl's cancelation and the rumored "new" final act of The Flash, it's almost safe to say that the production company won't be following Walter Hamada's DCEU approach.

Prior to its cancelation, Batgirl would have premiered sometime this year on HBO Max.

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