Warner Bros. Might Be Thinking of A Superman: Red Son Movie

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Sure, Warner Bros. might already have an origin story for Henry Cavill's Superman and a solid direction for the different characters in the DC Extended Universe, but it looks like the studio's starting to think about making a live film adaptation of Mark Miller's award winning three-issue comicbook series, Superman: Red Son.

Miller and Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts started a conversation on Twitter earlier today and in the middle of the discussion the filmmaker revealed that Warner Bros had reportedly started making plans for a Superman film based on Red Son.

Apparently Vogt-Roberts had pitched to Warner Bros. a Red Son movie a few "months ago" saying that "it's the most punk rock thing the DCEU could do in my mind." Responding to his Tweet, Miller also revealed that the studio had also been pitching the Red Son idea to a couple of directors in "the last two months."

For those who aren't familiar with Red Son , the comicbook series tells the story of a different kind of Superman, one who grew up in Russia instead of the Kansas wheat fields. In Red Son, Kal-El follows the ideology of the communist regime and gives an alternate take on other DC characters like Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern.

While the discussion seems to be all talk and rumors right now, a Red Son spinoff for the DCEU could actually work. It'd be a good start for an Elseworld film series. We'll just have to wait and see what Warner Bros. decides.

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