Warner Bros. Furious Over James Gunn's Brutally Honest SnyderVerse Comment

Ever since new DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran took over, they have been restructuring the new DC Universe and now that the official DCU Chapter 1 slate has been released, Gunn was not one to shy away from how SnyderVerse practically ‘fcked up’ the DCU. The co-CEOs comments have reportedly upset the executives at Warner Bros. Discovery.

The Hollywood Reporter stated that the executives at WBD took Gunn and Safran’s comments to heart. According to the outlet, “there’s been quite a few ruffled feathers” amongst particular members who remained at WBD since the previous DC regime.

To recap, Safran previously admitted that the Batgirl movie was “not releasable” while Gunn had a more elaborated comment on the SnyderVerse which included “The history has been sh-t! It’s been a real f-cked up journey for DC” and saying that the previous DC regime was “giving away IP like they were party favors at any creator who smiled at them.”

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: James Gunn Berates ‘Fcked Up’ SnyderVerse as DCU’s First Chapter Gets Mapped Out

Let’s take into consideration how, in spite of being under fire by DC fans since his takeover, Gunn’s new DCU Chapter 1 was well-received by fans since its release. While this does not ultimately decide that the DC fandom prefers Gunn’s DCU over the previous regime, this does point out the fact that a new creative decision might just be what Warner Bros. ordered to pull them out of the dumps.

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It’s a brand new start for the franchise, and while some WBD members got offended over Gunn’s comments, it’s clear that the new DC Studios boss is ready to build the future of the DCEU, starting with Superman: Legacy. What do you think of Gunn’s SnyderVerse comment?

Meanwhile, DCU’s first chapter officially begins with Superman: Legacy slated for release on July 11, 2025.

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