James Gunn Berates ‘Fcked Up’ SnyderVerse as DCU’s First Chapter Gets Mapped Out

Credit: WB/Gage Skidmore

Credit: WB/Gage Skidmore

When James Gunn was appointed co-CEO of the newly established DC Studios last year, it seemed to have signaled a renewed hope for Zack Snyder's DC Universe vision to finally be realized after years of poor decision-making and meddling from executives.

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Credit: WB

However, that's apparently not the case and Gunn, along with Peter Safran are determined to hit the reset button on the franchise, completely ignoring what the SnyderVerse initially established. Shockingly enough, it looks like the Peacemaker director wasn't a fan of it.

Speaking with the press during DC Studios' movie and television slate presentation (via ScreenRant), Gunn didn't mince his words and pretty much criticized the "old" DC Universe, including the beloved SnyderVerse. According to him, their top priority is to take care of the characters which admittedly he sees as a challenge.

Gunn stated: "I wanted to take care of these characters. We all know it's been a f-cked up road for many of them, for the past few years [...] and I really thought it is a challenge, but I think it's a possibility to create something really wonderful with these characters. [...] The history has been sh-t! It's been a real f-cked up journey for DC. I think that there was basically no one minding the mint and they were giving out IP to any creative that smiled at whoever was in charge. There was never any real power given to the people in charge, and so somebody could always go over their head and do whatever they wanted. We had the DCEU, which then became the Joss Whedon Justice League but it also became the Snyderverse, which became this."

He continued: "And then we have Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 2, which doesn't even match what happened in Wonder Woman 1 and then we have the Arrowverse and even us coming in with The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker and y'know what is it exactly? And all of a sudden Bat-Mite's a real guy. So how can we take these things together and make them make sense and have them unified and have them be one real universe - one real world."

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I think it's time to accept that the DCU is heading towards a different creative decision and instead of opposing Gunn and Safran's plans, fans must give them all the support in the world if they truly want the franchise to finally succeed.

Meanwhile, the DCU's first chapter begins with Superman: Legacy, hitting cinemas on July 11, 2025.

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