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WandaVision Star Elizabeth Olsen Calls the Avengers 'Selfish'

Credit: Marvel Studios

Wanda Maximoff has had a pretty interesting journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Making her official debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron alongside her twin speedster Pietro, the character experienced quite a rollercoaster ride in the franchise, switching from villain to hero and villain again. The last time we saw the Scarlet Witch, she sacrificed her life to put an end to the Darkhold's torment and a lot of people are under the impression that she is actually dead.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Her relationship with the Avengers has been equally harmonious and chaotic and while she's spent a few good years fighting for the team's cause, she turned away from her hero role to shift her focus on creating her own reality which of course led to her shocking return to villainy. Now, Olsen is getting honest about her true sentiments toward Wanda's former allies.

Speaking with Variety, Olsen was asked which member of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes she believes could have done more for mankind. Shockingly enough, she wasn't able to name a specific Avenger and called her teammates "selfish". She explains: "I think the Avenger that will have done more for mankind...I mean, they're all kind of selfish, aren't they?"

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If Wanda somehow makes her way back to the franchise in the future, it's almost certain that she'll find herself being vilified by her former colleagues. Whether or not a redemption arc is in her future remains to be seen but it would definitely take more than just an apology for her to get back on the Avengers "lunchbox".

Elizabeth Olsen's most recent MCU project, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is available to stream on Disney+.

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