WandaVision Fans React to Scarlet Witch's Terrifying Change of Character in Episode 3

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Just when you thought Wanda and Vision's "new life" was all rainbows and butterflies, WandaVision's third episode pretty much changes all that and paints Wanda's colorful world with darkness, possibly teasing her road to becoming the Scarlet Witch and her transition from hero to potentially the Marvel Cinematic Universe's next big villain.

The third episode titled "Now in Color" shows a different and darker side of Maximoff that we've never seen before in the franchise. The character started out as a villain in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron but even though she did some pretty nasty things with her brother Pietro aka Quicksilver as part of Strucker's villainous team, Wanda still showed remorse and she ended up joining the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

WandaVision's Episode 3 is completely different as it's finally showing some cracks in Maximoff's mental state. After she felt threatened by the presence of Geraldine aka Monica Rambeau who mentioned the death of Pietro at the hands of Ultron, Wanda doesn't think twice about getting rid of her existence from her pocket reality, potentially hurting her in the process.

When Vision returns home to check on them, Wanda simply says that she sent Geraldine home, all while having a terrifying smirk on her face hinting that she may have done something horrible to her.

Wanda's sudden change of character took a lot of fans by surprise and a lot of them are legit terrified with this "new" persona. Some are even convinced that she's being set up as the true villain of the show. Check out the reactions below:


It's a little too early to tell whether Wanda turns to the dark side or not but if you've been following the iconic Marvel character's rich history, you would know that the possibility of her turning evil in the MCU is possible as she's already no stranger to becoming a threat. Things are surely getting a lot more intriguing as the series progresses.

WandaVision is now available for streaming on Disney+.

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