WandaVision Star Elizabeth Olsen has Strange Message for ‘Avengers Fans’

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Marvel Studios has effectively pushed back all of their films, and though we don't have an announcement yet, we should also expect the Disney+ shows to be delayed. What's curious is, WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen has dropped a message for ‘Avenger fans'.

Check it out:

Here's what she said: "For all the Avenger fans out there, the shelling peas, strawberry shard [sic], kale, baby broccolis, favas, and the garlic, they were planted in late February; and the tomatoes were planted first week of March."


We don't really know what she means by all this, but some suggest that she is hinting at the new release window for the Disney+ shows. The vegetables in the first part of her quote are green, so that could mean she's talking about Loki; and tomatoes are red, possibly hinting at WandaVision.

Then again, some people think that this is her just trolling the fandom. I have no doubt that a lot of people message her about when the Disney+ shows will come out, and instead of telling her fans that she has no idea, Olsen has opted to just update them on what she has going down in her garden.

Until Olsen gives us an update, we don't really know what she's trying to talk to us about. This could be the first part of a message; but then again, maybe we're just overthinking things. Hard not to do since we're all stuck in quarantine.

For now, WandaVision is still set for a release on Disney+ this winter.

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