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VIXX Hyuk Announces Departure From Jellyfish Entertainment

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Credit: REALVIXX/YouTube Screenshot

VIXX Hyuk left Jellyfish Entertainment for good.

Since 2012, Hyuk had been treating Jellyfish Entertainment as his home since the agency guided him from the MyDOL era until he made it to the final lineup of VIXX.

The company also witnessed him grow as a member of another group, Big Byung, and an actor. He went on to make his official acting debut and pursue his career in songwriting and composing.

But after a decade, Hyuk decided to leave the agency for good.

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VIXX Hyuk Announces Departure From Jellyfish Entertainment

On June 1, the Boy with a Star singer shared a handwritten letter on his Instagram account confirming the news.

He revealed to his fans that he had been contemplating on it for a long time and finally decided to share it with VIXX’s fans, STARLIGHT.

"I will be wrapping up my time of ten years at Jellyfish and decided to take the time to reorganize so that I can go forth to a new environment. May was a meaningful month for both the VIXX members and fans since it was our tenth anniversary. So I wanted to only deliver good news, and I wanted us to enjoy the tenth anniversary to the fullest so I am only sharing this news now,” he said.

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Hyuk also touched fans’ hearts by saying that the time he spent with Jellyfish Entertainment is the best moment in his life. Although he is going to challenge himself with new things and stay in a new environment, he assured everyone that he would continue to grow.

Despite leaving the agency, he clarified that he would still be part of the boy group.

VIXX Hyuk Focuses on Acting Career

Aside from being a soloist and member of VIXX, Hyuk will continue his career in the acting industry, especially after the release of his hit BL series, Color Rush.

Color Rush, which already has two seasons, explores the life of Yoo Jun’s Yeon Woo as he searches for his mother. He eventually meets Hur Hyun Jun’s Yoo Han who helps him solve the mysteries surrounding his mother’s disappearance.

VIXX Hyuk was cast as Se Hyun, the character who also helps Yeon Woo but hides a secret from him.

The K-pop idol did not reveal what he would do after leaving Jellyfish Entertainment, but Hyuk might give fans more music and dramas soon.

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