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2NE1 Almost Canceled Coachella Performance: K-pop Girl Group Reveals Why

Credit: CL OFFICIAL CHANNEL/YouTube Screenshot

2NE1 nearly did not have their highly-anticipated reunion at the Coachella, girl group member Dara said.

The Coachella Festival this year presented the best gift ever after 2NE1 surprised their fans by performing as a whole group again years after their disbandment.

The group’s leader, CL, brought the girls on stage 88rising’s Head In The Clouds Forever set allowed her to do so.

However, Dara recently revealed that it almost did not happen at all.

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2NE1 Coachella Performance Nearly Got Canceled

2NE1 member Dara uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel. Titled I Love My Dubai EP.2, the video shows the idol and her trip to the city.

In the clip, she talked about 2NE1’s iconic reunion performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and revealed that it almost never happened.

"There have been so many offers for 2NE1's reunion from huge shows. We really wanted to, but since we now all belong to different agencies, it wasn't easy,” she said.

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The members thought that those might not be the right moments for them to hold a reunion.

Aside from that issue, 2NE1 members also thought of canceling it since they did not have enough time to prepare and they had to keep it a secret.

But after going through those problems, 2NE1 still made it to Coachella.

2NE1 Dara Speaks About Overwhelming Support

Like Minzy, Dara thought people had already forgotten who 2NE1 was as six years had already passed since their last performance. In addition, they felt burdened due to the fact that they would be performing in the US.

"I didn't expect people to recognize us. But as we went on the stage, the crowd cheered, and they sang along to 'I AM THE BEST'. They knew exactly who we were, and they knew our song. It felt amazing,” she continued.

Far from what they expected, 2NE1’s performance immediately became a highlight of the event.

The girl group, which debuted under YG Entertainment, disbanded in 2016 after the members got individual issues and plans. Minzy already left the group before the disbandment, while Park Bom started her hiatus in 2014 following her drug issue. Meanwhile, CL and Dara pursued a career in the US and focused on acting career, respectively.

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