VIVIZ Members Unveil Real Meaning Behind VarioUS Album

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

VIVIZ is gearing up ahead of the release of its new album, VarioUS, this month.

From being members of GFriend, Umji, SinB, and Eunha moved on and created a new group in 2022. The trio has released two EPs so far, Beam of Prism and Summer Vibe.

This year, the girl group will offer another EP which has a special meaning.

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What Does VIVIZ’s VarioUS Mean?

VIVIZ will drop VarioUS on Jan. 31 at 6 p.m. KST. Ahead of its release, the girl group graced the pages of Singles Korea’s February issue and sat for an interview with the magazine.

The group took its time to revisit its past achievements before speaking about its new album. SinB started by explaining what the music project is all about.

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“We capitalized the letters ‘V’ for VIVIZ and ‘US’ to represent ourselves. It’s meant to clearly emphasize ‘us who have various images and diverse colors,’ rather than one stereotypical image,” SinB said.

Meanwhile, Eunha explained that the group’s upcoming album would show a more mature side of them. Compared to its two previous albums’ bright vibe, fans would reportedly feel VIVIZ’s dark color.

VIVIZ’s PULL UP Meaning Revealed

Even the album’s title track, PULL UP, would inspire fans as VIVIZ created a song “fully filled with confidence.”

Umji explained that, while they already have experience in creating a variety of songs, the title track would reportedly highlight different and new colors while “recharging” people’s confidence.

“It captures the bold message of ‘don’t act like you know and don’t go around talking about others. But still, I don’t pay attention,’” Eunha said. “As every song has a different charm, not just the title track, there will be fun in picking and choosing what to listen to.”

The magazine then asked them how they would respond to people gossiping about them, as it could relate to the track’s main subject.

SinB said she experienced it when she was younger. Although she was hurt, she reportedly decided to love her flaws. On the other hand, Umji opened up about feeling hurt, as well, but tried her best to ignore those things.

Like SinB, Umji told fans that were how she grew even more.

As for Eunha, she revealed she does not pay attention to hate comments. Instead, she feels more grateful than ever.

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