Vinland Saga Season 2 Shows King Canute’s Dramatic Transformation

Vinland Saga Season 2 Canute

Vinland Saga Season 2 Canute

After a somewhat slow opening set of episodes, things are now heating up in Vinland Saga Season 2, especially with the first appearances of King Canute and Thorkell.

While these two characters played a big role in the first season, they haven’t appeared in the opening episodes of the second season. But that all changed in Episode 5, as the two finally made their Season 2 debut in epic fashion.

Given that these two are fan favorites, it’s no surprise that many viewers were delighted to see them back in action.

Vinland Saga Fans React to King Canute

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Canute is one of the key characters in Vinland Saga’s first arc, which played out during the first season.

Back then, Canute was still inexperienced and timid, with Askeladd and his crew noting his rather feminine appearance.

He played a major role in the first season, especially as the story saw him being targeted by his father, King Sweyn. This is because Canute's death would mean that his brother, Harald, will be in line for the throne.

Though by the end of the first season, Canute undergoes a major change due to the series’ events.

Now, his appearance in Season 2 shows him as far more competent.

Following his appearance in the latest episode, fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to Canute.

Many were happy to see him back, with praise also being showered on the whole sequence that showed how ruthless he is now.

Fans also said that they are impressed by how the series handled Canute’s development as a character.

There are also those who noted how his appearance is much rougher and manlier now.

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Thorkell Makes Long-Awaited Return

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Thorkell also made his Vinland Saga Season 2 debut, this time serving under King Canute. But unlike Canute, Thorkell is the same as he ever was.

In the first season, Thorkell was a significant character, and he was arguably one of the strongest in the anime. But what makes him more memorable is how gleeful he is when in battle.

Despite being his same jolly self, fans are happy to see the powerful Viking once again.

Many even wish to see more of Thorkell in action as the new season progresses.

You’ll get to see more of these two characters as Vinland Saga Season 2 continues with Episode 6 next week.

New episodes are streamed every week on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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