Videos Have Come Out Online of Stan Lee Having Difficulty During His Appearance at Silicon Valley Comic-Con

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There's no doubt that Stan Lee is a pop-culture icon, but just recently reports are coming out that Lee is having problems with elder abuse; add to that a recent bout with Pneumonia. Now videos are coming out of Lee's recent appearance at the Silicon Valley Comic-Con, and it shows that maybe it's time that he gave public appearances a rest.

Here's Lee completely silent and worn out during an autograph signing; as you can see, even his assistants are reminding him how to spell his name. Bleeding Cool's Sean Wheatley also had this to say about the event:


I was in both lines on Friday so I did get a signature and a photo. Didn't know the condition of Stan until we were in the curtain area. People in front of us had many items to sign and were rude about the ink color and signature placement, Stan was not happy and it made the lines so unbearably long. Didn't understand why there was no limit on tickets or items for Stan to sign (per person), they also took walk ups if you had cash money. Stan had to get help spelling his name right before he took a break, perhaps this chapter should close.

Other fans have also gone out to the SVCC Facebook page to talk about their experience when they went in line to meet and greet Lee.

Source: Bleeding Cool

At 95-years-old, it's amazing that Lee even has the energy to come out for these events. David Prowse, who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars, has even announced his retirement from convention appearances last year—and he's thirteen years younger than Stan Lee!

And though it may break some fan's hearts, it's probably best that Lee retire from convention appearances as well. The guy's 95, and he deserves the break.

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