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Video Breaks Down the Things You Missed in The Batman Teaser

Unlike Comic-Con@Home, DC FanDome had definitely delivered, and probably the big cherry on top is the first teaser for Matt Reeves' much-awaited Batman movie. There is admittedly a lot to take in with the teaser, and Youtuber Mr. Sunday Movies has given us a thorough breakdown of Easter Eggs and things that we've missed.

Check it out:

Probably one character that everyone was looking for in the teaser was Penguin who was played by Colin Farrell. By the looks of it, he's going to be covered in heavy make-up for the film, and he's actually the pudgy man we see in some shots who called excitedly called Batman ‘crazy.' Like other iterations, this version actually doesn't like the Penguin moniker, but I guess that will change as we see his rise to power.

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Credit: WB Pictures

Besides that, Mr. Sunday does an interesting take on the made-up goons that Batman runs into. While the first instinct is that they're members of the ‘Joker gang' (from Batman Beyond), it's possible they could be a nod to the "Mutants" from The Dark Knight Returns; in that comic, they eventually end up working with Batman and start calling themselves the "Sons of Batman". I just think it's weird they would show up here, seeing that they would probably fit better with Ben Affleck's Batman who is closer to the TDKR version.

Either way, the film looks fantastic, and everyone is excited to see what "Battinson" is going to bring to the table. It will probably be a while before our next teaser, but fans can't wait until then.

The Batman is expected to hit theaters on Oct. 1, 2021.

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