Colin Farrell's Penguin Possibly Revealed in The Batman Trailer

There is little doubt that people are still looking at every moment in The Batman trailer in hopes to see the other villains who are supposed to appear in the film. But is it possible that Colin Farrell's Penguin was out in the open but we never realized we were looking at him? Some fans believe that Oswald Cobblepott was featured in the teaser but Farrell was simply unrecognizable.

In the Batman trailer, it was easy to spot Paul Dano's The Riddler although the character was wearing a mask. After all, there couldn't be any other person who would be sending the Caped Crusader those riddles with all the question marks. In addition to that, Catwoman was pretty obvious since she was shown several times throughout the teaser. But where is Penguin in the footage?

Some fans have pointed out that a big, balding man is shown glowering at someone beyond the camera in the rain. Although the man doesn't look familiar, many believe that it could be Farrell under heavy prosthetics. Take a good look at the screenshot below and see if you can recognize the actor under all the prosthetics.

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Credit: Warner Bros

Personally, I just don't see it but it's understandable why people believe this man could be Penguin. He does have the hooked nose and heavy built like Oswald but the eyes don't appear to be anything like Farrell's. On the other hand, it could be him but we'll have to wait for an official confirmation from Matt Reeves or the studio.

The Batman will star Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Barry Keoghan, Jayme Lawson, and Andy Serkis. The movie is scheduled for release on October 1, 2021.

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