Do Victor Timely and Ravonna Renslayer End Up Together in Loki?

Victor Timely and Renslayer first meeting
Credit: Marvel

Victor Timely and Renslayer first meeting
Credit: Marvel

Loki Season 2 brought surprises to legions of MCU fans, but one of the most recent reveals implies Victor Timely and Ravonna Renslayer may end up together in the series or at least had a romantic past.

Considering that the first episode of Loki Season 2 had a recorded conversation between He Who Remains and Renslayer supposedly working together to run the Time Variance Authority, are the variants secretly lovers with Renslayer?

How Are Victor Timely & Ravonna Renslayer Related?

Victor Timely spends time with Renslayer
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Credit: Marvel

The first season of Loki clearly depicted Judge Renslayer as a villain. Though she isn't exactly as powerful as Kang and his variants, her unshaken loyalty in keeping the TVA intact was questionable beyond belief.

When Mobius, Hunter B-15, and all the other TVA agents found out they were pulled out of their lives on the Sacred Timeline by force, their first reaction was to go against the TVA. So, how is Renslayer not reacting the same way?

The recorder Loki listened to in the premiere of the series sounded as though they were beyond being partners in running the entity.

While that hasn't fully been confirmed in the MCU yet, their Marvel comics counterparts pretty much pointed out the truth: they were, in fact, lovers, who wreaked havoc after teaming up together.

When Kang the Conqueror surpassed every civilization in the 40th century, he landed in Ravonna's Kingdom of Carelius, which he refused to take for himself. Instead, he was found smitten with the Princess' appearance.

Though it wasn't as steady of a romance story between them, Renslayer eventually did get romantically involved at some point.

The Miss Minutes Factor

Miss Minutes want a body of her own
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Credit: Marvel

Miss Minutes finally returned to the series when Loki Season 2 Episode 3 came into view. At the time, the cartoon clock was simply laying out the instructions of He Who Remains over to Renslayer.

The instructions involved securing Victor Timely's future as the next ruler at the TVA headquarters.

And though she led Renslayer to believe she was destined for a greater purpose other than being a pawn, Mr. Timely and Miss Minutes were quick to betray her when they got the chance.

This, however, unleashed a hidden desire from the AI Assistant of a clock. She had been secretly in love with her creator this entire time!

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Instead of having her feelings reciprocated, though, Timely shut her down through the TemPad.

By the end of the episode, Miss Minutes has been teased to be hiding a major secret from Renslayer that could lead to bigger revelations in the coming episodes.

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Will the Kang Variant End Up With Renslayer in the End?

Renslayer came back for revenge
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Victor Timely is evidently not the type of man (or variant) who would want anything to do with sharing his 'success' and power with a partner.

It's quite difficult to say if he'll eventually warm up to Renslayer and harbor feelings in return for her.

Then again, since the Loki series is merely half-through, there's still more space for stories to share on how these two could potentially end up together or perhaps at least lead the TVA or any other civilization side-by-side.

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