Venom Trailer Teases Another Symbiote Other Than Riot

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The new Venom trailer has finally offered a glimpse at Riz Ahmed as Riot but the teaser may have also revealed a completely different symbiote.

The latest trailer for Tom Hardy's comic book film features more footage of Eddie Brock struggling with his "parasite." The video also shows Riz Ahmed's Carlton Drake embracing the symbiote known as Riot. Interestingly, the teaser hints at another symbiote even before the action begins.


The symbiote appears early in the trailer when Drake inspects two containers holding the alien lifeform. It stands out for its striking yellow color, which resembles the female symbiote Scream.

Sony Pictures

Scream is one of the five Life Foundation Symbiotes who first appeared in the Venom: Legal Protector story arc. The symbiote with the prehensile hair bonded to a security guard named Donna Diego and they become the leader of a band of symbiotes. Interestingly, Diego possibly had an appearance in the trailer as well.

In a later scene in the trailer, a woman is shown turning her arm into a sword before throwing daggers from her body in a similar sequence. Although the woman is wearing an EMT uniform, she could be the film version of Donna Diego and Scream.

Sony Pictures

Venom also stars Michelle Williams as Brock's wife Anne Weying. In the comic books, the character becomes She-Venom but it is still unclear if the film will show Anne bonding with the symbiote. Another symbiote named Toxin is also expected to appear in the movie.

Venom is directed by Ruben Fleischer and will hit theaters on October 5.

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